Many top performing Great Clips franchisees have realized the benefits of outsourcing their bookkeeping and back-office management. After 15 years, mojo Back Office’s Great Clips franchisee clients have shared what they believe are the biggest benefits of outsourcing their bookkeeping. Here are the 5 most common things we hear:

  1. Dependability – Simply put, mojo isn’t going to quit, retire or, God forbid, get hit by a bus. It’s not a matter of if, but rather when, one of the above occur and when it does, a franchisee can find themselves in a tough spot with regard to paying landlords, performing bank reconciliations, filing sales tax and preparing financial statements. mojo Back Office has been in business for over 15 years, and we aren’t going anywhere thanks to our innovative platform that was developed for Great Clips.
  2. Solving Back Office Recruitment Issues – Hiring and keeping great stylists can be a big challenge. Finding or replacing your bookkeeper is nearly impossible! Our Great Clips franchisee clients breathe a sigh of relief when they handover their back office to mojo. No need to recruit a bookkeeper to manage accounts payable, bank reconciliations and financial reporting – mojo has your back office covered!
  3. Flat Pricing Model – Hourly billing, service levels, add-on services and surprise fees make it hard to budget and even harder to understand value. mojo Back Office believes in an affordable flat fee that gives Great Clips franchisees all the financial tools they need. Our pricing is clear and simple: $250 per month, per salon.
  4. ADP Integration – Payroll expense is by far the largest expenditure on a Great Clips P&L.  Booking those entries into your accounting system, both accurately and timely, is critical to understanding your financial position.  To that end, ADP and mojo worked together to create an automated process whereby the ADP payroll journal entries are automatically created and transferred to mojo servers for automatic import into the accounting system.  And just like that, your books are up to date!
  5. Great Clips Knowledge – We are often asked how mojoTools integrates so seamlessly into Great Clips; it’s because it was made for Great Clips franchisees. mojo Back Office’s founder was a Great Clips franchisee owner. He observed the struggle to keep up with the minutia of daily journal entries, reconciling monthly bank statements and more. Seeing the need, he developed a full-service bookkeeping solution for Great Clips franchisees. Our clients experience the depth of our Great Clips knowledge firsthand!

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